About EEO/SC

Our members range from local, professional Egyptologists to individuals with a background in archaeology to those who have extensive Ancient Egyptian study and travel experience to people who simply have a passion for learning more about Ancient Egypt. Our common interests are learning from academic professionals about evolving knowledge of Ancient Egyptian culture and supporting archaeological and academic research in Egypt.

Founded in 1983, EEO/SC is 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization. Our mission is to advance and proliferate knowledge about all facets of Ancient Egypt. To accomplish this mission, EEO/SC hosts a steady stream of prominent, national and international Egyptologists and scholars for monthly public lectures and other events.

EEO/SC is the only organization in Los Angeles that offers regular lectures about Ancient Egypt. In fact, we have produced more than 600 such events over the past 30+ years.

William Flinders Petrie
An EEO/SC lecture in action at one of our Los Angeles venues. Speaker is UCLA Associate Professor Kara Cooney.

EEO/SC publishes a monthly EEO/SC Newsletter listing upcoming lectures as well as other local Egyptological events at other Los Angeles venues. We also maintain a Facebook Page offering breaking news about discoveries and excavations in Egypt.

The name of our group honors the founder of modern Egyptology, Sir William Flinders Petrie, whose original support group was called the Egypt Exploration Fund, now known as the Egypt Exploration Society in London, England.

William Flinders Petrie

Past Speakers

EEO/SC speakers are top professionals in their fields from all over the world. Among our past lecturers are:

Dr. Miroslav Bárta
Charles University, Prague

Dr. Lawrence Berman
Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Dr. Betsy Bryan
Johns Hopkins University

Dr. Kara Cooney
Professor, UCLA

Dr. Renée Friedman
Director, Hierakonpolis Expedition

Dr. Zahi Hawass
Former Minister of Antiquities, Egypt

Dr. Salima Ikram
American University, Cairo

Dr. Barry Kemp
Director, Amarna Project, Egypt

Dr. Donald Redford
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Otto Schaden
Director, KV 63 Project

Dr. Rainer Stadelman &
Dr. Hourig Sourouzian

German Archaeological Institute

Dr. Willeke Wendrich
Professor, UCLA