EEO/SC Lecture Archive

Lecture Archive

January 2015: Dr. Kara Cooney, Associate Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA, "The Woman Who Would Be King"

February 2015: Dr. Nicholas Reeves, Residential Scholar in the School of Anthropology at the University of Arizona, "The Golden Throne of Tutankhamun"

March 2015: Dr. Nigel Strudwick, Visiting Professor of Art History, University of Memphis, "Tomb Robbery in Ancient Thebes"

April 2015: UCLA Doctoral Student Presentations: Rose Campbell, "Paleoradiology of Egyptian Mummies: A CT Imaging Survey of Cancer in Ancient Remains;" Marissa Stevens, "Shifting Social Identity and Self-Presentation: The Growing Emphasis on Family in New Kingdom Theban Tombs;" Caroline Arbuckle, "Personal Piety and the Depiction of Osiris"

May 2015: Dr. Gregory Marouard, University of Chicago, The Oriental Institute, "The Ancient Harbor of King Khufu on the Red Sea"

July 2015: Dr. J. Brett McClain, University of Chicago, The Oriental Institute, "Chicago House, Luxor - News From the Field"

August 2015: Dr. Betsy M. Bryan, Johns Hopkins University, "Death in the Mut Precinct: Burial and Execution in the Second Intermediate Period"

September 2015: Dr. Rita Lucarelli, Associate Professor of Egyptology, University of California, Berkeley, "The Magic and Mystery of the Ancient Pharaohs: Demonology in Ancient Egypt"

October 2015: Dr. Aaron Burke, UCLA, "Resurrecting the Egyptian Stronghold in Jaffa: Recent Efforts to Reconstruct Jaffa's New Kingdom Fortress"

October 2015: Dr. Heidi Köpp-Junk, University of Trier, Germany, "Love Songs of the Pharaohs: Performance & Technique"

November 2015: Dr. Stephen Harvey, Stony Brook University, "Ancient Archaeologists: How the High Priests of Osiris Transformed Abydos During the New Kingdom"

December 2015: Kathy Hansen, Independent Scholar, "New Kingdom Egyptian Chariots"

Lecture Archive

January 2016: Peter J. Brand, Professor of Ancient History at the Department of History, University of Memphis, "21st-Century Digital Technologies Meet Pharaonic Information Systems: Using 3D Modeling and Digital Imaging to Record Ancient Inscriptions in the Great Hypostyle Hall of Karnak Temple"

February 2016: Gene Cruz-Uribe, Professor of History, Indiana University East, "A Nubian Walked into a Christian Bar in Philae and Asked..."

March 2016: UCLA Doctoral Student Presentations: Michael Chen, "Doorways in the Valley of the Kings; "Danielle Candelora, "The Transmission of Techology in the Second Intermediate Period: The Problem of Presence;" Luke Breinig: "The Spatial and Contextual Use of the Celestial Diagram in Three Ramesside Tombs"

April 2016: Dr. John Gaudet, writer, lecturer, ecologist, "Papyrus, the Plant That Changed the World"

May 2016: Dr. Brenda J. Baker, Associate Professor, School of Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University: "Sudanese Antiquity: New Insights From the Bioarchaeology of Nubia Expedition (BONE)"

June 2016: Dr. Kate Liszka, California State University, San Bernardino: "Gems in the Desert: Living, Mining, and Surviving in the Egyptian Eastern Desert"

August 2016: Dr. James Hoffmeier,
Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology and Old Testament at Trinity International University: "Akhenaten and the Origins of Monotheism"

September 2016: Dr. Diana Craig Patch, Lila Acheson Curator in Charge, Dept. of Egyptian Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: "Lapis Lazuli: Ancient Egypt's 'Splendid and Costly Stone'"

October 2016: Dr. David A. Anderson, Associate Professor of Archaeology, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse: "Gazelles, Catfish and Cows: Ritual Activity in the Predynastic Settlement of el-Mahâsna"

November 2016: Dr. Renée Friedman
Director, Hierakonpolis Expedition:
"Hierakonpolis: New Discoveries in the City of the Falcon"

December 2016: Dr. Melinda Hartwig, Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian and Near Eastern Art, The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University: "Every Tomb Tells a Story"





Lecture Archive

January 2017: Dr. Kara Cooney, Associate Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture, University of California Los Angeles:"Recycling the Afterlife: New Data on 21st-Dynasty Coffin Reuse"

February 2017: Dr. Ellen Morris, &Ancient Studies, Barnard College: "Merneptah and the Temple of Ba’al at Ugarit"

March 2017: Dr. Nadine Moeller, Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology, The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago: "The Ahmose Tempest Stela: An ancient Egyptian account of a natural catastrophe. Chronological implications and the archaeological evidence"

April 2017: UCLA doctoral student presentations: Roselyn Campbell: "Hard Times at Edfu: The Life and Death of Three Individuals in Ancient Egypt;" Jacob Damm: "Pots and People: Canaanite Responses to the Collapse of the New Kingdom Empire at Jaffa;"Carrie Arbuckle: "Art, Politics, Chaos, and Wood: The Significance of Second Intermediate Period Rishi Coffins"

May 2017: Laurel Bestock, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Egyptology, and Art History, Brown University: "The Role of Imagery of Violence and Power in the Ideology of Early Egypt"

September 2017: Jessica Tomkins, Egyptology PhD Candidate, Brown University: "Expressions of Power in the Old Kingdom Provinces"

October 2017: Josef Wegner, Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania, and Associate Curator, Penn Museum: "The Pharaohs of Anubis-Mountain: Recent Investigations in a Royal Necropolis at Abydos"

November 2017: Peter Dorman, Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago: "The Surprising Emergence of the Egyptian Book of the Dead at the Beginning of the New Kingdom"

December 2017: Salima Ikram, Distinguished Professor of Egyptology, American University, Cairo: "Food Fit for Pharaohs: Food and Drink in Ancient Egypt"