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Prominent Egyptologists and archaeologists from all over the world deliver EEO/SC’s illustrated monthly lectures about Ancient Egypt. The talks cover a wide variety of topics, often about discoveries, theories or inside information that have not yet been released to the media.

Lectures are usually held on Saturday afternoons at about 5:00 pm, in public and private Los Angeles venues. To assist with speaker honorariums, we ask for a small donation at the door.

Before and after each lecture, appetizers and beverages are served, and attendees have an opportunity to socialize with the speaker and other attendees. Speakers usually take questions after lectures. For most (but not all) venues, attendees are welcome to bring wine to share.


Recent Lectures

September 2016: Dr. Diana Craig Patch, Lila Acheson Curator in Charge, Dept. of Egyptian Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York: "Lapis Lazuli: Ancient Egypt's 'Splendid and Costly Stone'"

October 2016: Dr. David A. Anderson, Associate Professor of Archaeology, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse: "Gazelles, Catfish and Cows: Ritual Activity in the Predynastic Settlement of el-Mahâsna"

November 2016: Dr. Renée Friedman
Director, Hierakonpolis Expedition:
"Hierakonpolis: New Discoveries in the City of the Falcon"

December 2016: Dr. Melinda Hartwig, Curator of Ancient Egyptian, Nubian and Near Eastern Art, The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University: "Every Tomb Tells a Story"

January 2017: Dr. Kara Cooney,
Associate Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture, University of California Los Angeles:"Recycling the Afterlife: New Data on 21st-Dynasty Coffin Reuse"

February 2017: Dr. Ellen Morris, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Classics & Ancient Studies, Barnard College: "Merneptah and the Temple of Ba’al at Ugarit"

March 2017: Dr. Nadine Moeller,
Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology, The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago: "The Ahmose Tempest Stela: An ancient Egyptian account of a natural catastrophe. Chronological implications and the archaeological evidence"

April 2017: UCLA doctoral student presentations: Roselyn Campbell:
"Hard Times at Edfu: The Life and Death of Three Individuals in Ancient Egypt;" Jacob Damm: "Pots and People: Canaanite Responses to the Collapse of the New Kingdom Empire at Jaffa;"Carrie Arbuckle: "Art, Politics, Chaos, and Wood: The Significance of Second Intermediate Period Rishi Coffins"

May 2017: Laurel Bestock, Associate Professor of Archaeology, Egyptology, and Art History, Brown University: "The Role of Imagery of Violence and Power in the Ideology of Early Egypt"

September 2017: Jessica Tomkins, Egyptology PhD Candidate, Brown University: "Expressions of Power in the Old Kingdom Provinces"

October 2017: Josef Wegner, Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology, University of Pennsylvania, and Associate Curator, Penn Museum: "The Pharaohs of Anubis-Mountain: Recent Investigations in a Royal Necropolis at Abydos"

November 2017: Peter Dorman, Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago: "The Surprising Emergence of the Egyptian Book of the Dead at the Beginning of the New Kingdom"

December 2017: Salima Ikram, Distinguished Professor of Egyptology, American University, Cairo: "Food Fit for Pharaohs: Food and Drink in Ancient Egypt"

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Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017
5:30 p.m.

"Food Fit for Pharaohs: Food and Drink in Ancient Egypt"

Salima Ikram

Salima Ikram
Professor of Egyptology, American University, Cairo

Food is a driving force in forming a culture and identifying a people. Dr. Ikram’s lecture deals with the raw materials available to the ancient Egyptians that could have been used as food and focuses on what the Egyptians ate at every level of society.

Salima Ikram
Dr. Ikram is Distinguished University Professor of Egyptology at The American University in Cairo. In 2017, she was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She has worked as an archaeologist in Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, Greece and the U.S. After double majoring in history and classical and near eastern archaeology at Bryn Mawr College, U.S., she received her MPhil in Museology and Egyptian Archaeology and PhD in Egyptian archaeology from Cambridge University. She previously directed the Animal Mummy Project, the North Kharga Darb Ain Amur Survey, Valley of the Kings KV10/KV63 Mission, and co-directed the Predynastic Gallery project and the North Kharga Oasis Survey. Dr. Ikram has also participated in several other archaeological missions throughout Egypt. She has lectured on her work internationally and publishes in both scholarly and popular journals. She also has an active media presence.

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Parking: Traveling west on Ventura, pass the hotel and turn right on Orion. Follow signs for self-parking. After parking, follow signs to entrance of the hotel and find your way to the lobby. NOTE: There is a $5.00 parking fee payable at parking cashier.

Finding the Brentwood Room: A sign will be posted in the hotel lobby pointing to the Brentwood Room (just off lobby).

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