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  • Regular: $50
    • Monthly issues of the EEO/SC Newsletter and Lecture Schedule for one year.
    • Access to exclusive, members-only events.
    • Discounted ticket prices for special events.
    • Automatic lecture date and location notification.
    • Your contribution helps bring globally recognized scholars to Southern California.
    • Satisfaction of knowing you're helping to advance knowledge about Ancient Egypt.
    • The EEO/SC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your membership donation is tax deductible.
  • Egyptology Faculty & Students: Free
    Meeting and directly speaking to scholars in your field of study will help to advance your education and career. Join EEO/SC to enjoy the benefits of Regular membership.

  • Other Students: $15
    Enjoy the benefits of a Regular Membership at a discount, while attending college.

  • Long Distance (50+ miles from L.A.): $25
    For those who reside 50 miles or more from our meeting locations and find it difficult to attend all but very specific lectures. Includes all the benefits of Regular membership.

  • Contributing Member: $100
    As a contributing member, your tax-deductable donation will be put to good use by furthering the education of future Egyptologists and allowing scholars to continue their work in the field. Enjoy the full benefits of Regular membership, as well as being included in various social events with our guest speakers.